About LearningGrids

When you purchase our software you also get free access to LearningGrids, an ever-growing bank of ready-made classroom resources. Our activities are created by experienced teachers and cover a wide range of curriculum topics.

Clicker Sets

Browse our huge range of Clicker Sets, including writing, reading, matching, sorting, sequencing, speaking and listening activities aligned to primary topics, themes and objectives. You don’t even need to open your browser - just find the resource you want and open it, all within Clicker!

DocsPlus Wordbars

We have hundreds of topic-specific word banks and writing frames suitable for learners age 9 to adult. Browse via our website or access them directly from within the program by clicking the Free Resources link in DocsPlus.

International sites

There are separate sites for the UK, US and Australia/New Zealand - you may use resources from any of these sites regardless of where you are based.

Contact Us

If you require help with using LearningGrids, please contact support@cricksoft.com.

We very much value your feedback on all aspects of LearningGrids. Please email your comments to learninggrids@cricksoft.com.

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