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The Old Man - Questions

Screenshot from The Old Man - Questions

In this Custom Set, children answer questions about the Planet Wobble characters and how they helped an old man. The questions are based on the Planet Wobble story "The Old Man."

On each activity page, read the question and select one of the multiple-choice text options to answer. The confirmation page offers a link to a writing grid so that children can write the answer to the question.

This activity is from Level 4 of the Planet Wobble graded book series. Children can read the full story in the Clicker Book "The Old Man – Read a Book" on LearningGrids. For more activities based on the story, search for The Old Man. For other books and follow-up activities in this series, search for Planet Wobble.

This free resource works with:

Clicker for Windows and Mac (Windows and Mac)

For ages 5 to 7