Animal Verbs

With this Custom Set, students focus on verbs in sentences. They find verbs within sentences about animals and create a verb list.

On the start page, click on each picture to open a pop-up grid which shows an action sentence about an animal. Right click on the sentence to listen. Can the students identify the verb or action word in the sentence?

In the activity, click on the empty cells to open pop-up grids which show the sentences as before but broken into word blocks. Find the verb in the sentence and click on it to add it to the list. If the student chooses the incorrect word, they can try again. Work through all the empty cells to complete the verb list.

For follow-up activities, see the Word Bank "Animal Verbs", which can be used to create subject-verb-place animal sentences, or use the Clicker Board Animal Verbs to create mind maps of verbs associated with the animals. For other Clicker resources on the topic, search for verbs or animals on LearningGrids.

Screenshot from the Clicker 7 learning activity 'Animal Verbs'
Age:For ages 6 to 7
Author:Crick Software
Date:August 5, 2019

Use this resource with Clicker 7 for Windows and Mac.

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