4-Square Universal Core Communication Book

This Clicker Communicator set features the Universal Core vocabulary on a 9-page communication book with 4 words/symbols on each page. Layout is best suited to students who benefit from larger symbols in a smaller array to meet language, vision, and access needs. Designed for students who can point but likely need support navigating through the pages.

The Universal Core vocabulary (www.project-core.com) is a small set of highly useful words that can be used to communicate across a broad range of topics and contexts throughout the day.

Screenshot from the Communicator (Widgit) learning activity '4-Square Universal Core Communication Book'
Age:For all ages
Author:Crick Software
Date:March 22, 2019

Use this resource with the Widgit Symbols edition of Clicker Communicator on your iPad.

Clicker Communicator gives a voice to learners with speech and language difficulties. You can contact us to arrange a free web-demonstration.

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