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Age: 3


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  1. Clicker Board
    Screenshot from the learning activity 'Venn Diagram Template'

    Venn Diagram Template

    This Clicker Board is a template designed to enable teachers to create a Venn diagram for children to group things in different ways. It can be used across a range of curriculum areas.

    To add the content, follow these instructions. To add text to a title or sorting cell, double-click it. To add a picture, click a cell and then click the picture icon in the left toolbar to browse, paint a picture, or take a photo.

    Once the content has been set up, drag and drop the cells into the relevant area of the diagram.

    For examples of Clicker Board Venn Diagram sets on LearningGrids, see "Food Source - Plant or Animal", "Land and Water Animals," and "Common Multiples."

    For ages 5 to 11
    Author: Crick Software
    Date: January 9, 2019
  2. DocsPlus
    Screenshot from the learning activity 'Math Vocabulary A - Z'

    Math Vocabulary A - Z

    This Wordbar provides a bank of vocabulary to support general writing about mathematical concepts, problems, and calculations.

    The words are arranged in alphabetical tabs.

    For ages 11 to 18
    Author: Crick Software
    Date: July 27, 2017