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Mary Seacole Retell 2

Screenshot from Mary Seacole Retell 2

This Clicker Communicator set is designed to support children as they retell the story of the life and work of Mary Seacole. They can use the set to recount key episodes in her life, responding to questions such as "Who was Mary Seacole?" or "Why did Mary go to Russia?"

For a differentiated activity, in which pupils can give a more simplified retelling of Mary's story, see the set "Mary Seacole Retell 1". Children can read about Mary Seacole's life in the Clicker Book "Mary Seacole – Read a Book". For related Clicker and Clicker App sets, search for Mary Seacole on LearningGrids.

This free resource works with:

Clicker Communicator (Symbolstix) (iPad and Chromebook)

For all ages