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Mary Seacole

Screenshot from Mary Seacole

In this Tell the Story activity, children talk about the life and work of Mary Seacole. They talk about a sequence of pictures which also appear in the Clicker Book "Mary Seacole – Read a Book", recounting key episodes in her story, from her early life, to nursing in the Crimean War and receiving a bravery award.

On the start page, click on each picture to open a recording page. Listen to all of the recordings in sequence on the start page.

Children can read about Mary Seacole's life in the Clicker Book "Mary Seacole – Read a Book". For follow-up resources, search for Mary Seacole on LearningGrids. For other Clicker resources on significant individuals in history, search for famous people.

This free resource works with:

Clicker for Windows and Mac (Windows and Mac)
Clicker Talk (iPad and Chromebook)

For ages 5 to 7