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Listen and Blend - Group 4

Screenshot from Listen and Blend - Group 4

In this Matching Set, children blend phoneme sounds to make words and find the matching pictures. This set focuses on the phonemes: ai, j, or, oa, ie, ee (as well as cumulative phonemes from earlier groups).

On each page, listen to the target sequence of phoneme sounds and blend them to create the whole word. Then find the picture that represents the word. The activity uses real speech to offer a clear spoken model and is designed so that children can only make the correct match.

This activity is part of a group of stories and activities which focus on the phonemes/graphemes: ai, j, or, oa, ie, ee (as well as cumulative phonemes/graphemes from earlier groups). See Phonics 4 for other activities in this group or search for Clicker Phonics on LearningGrids for resources related to other phonemes.

This free resource works with:

Clicker 8 (Windows and Mac)

For ages 4 to 6