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Characters in Macbeth - Mind Maps

Screenshot from Characters in Macbeth - Mind Maps

With this Clicker Board, children create a series of mind maps about characters from "Macbeth" by William Shakespeare. Add words for each of six key characters from the play, outlining their traits, actions, feelings and motives. You can also record information.

On each board, double-click on a cell to add text. To add more cells, double-click on the background. To add a picture, click a cell and then click the picture icon in the left toolbar to browse, paint a picture or take a photo. To add a Voice Note double-click on the microphone button. When the mind maps are complete, right-click on a board background and create a tabbed word bank for writing.

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This free resource works with:

Clicker for Windows and Mac (Windows and Mac)
Clicker Writer (iPad and Chromebook)

For ages 9 to 11