I Spy - In the Street

This Clicker Grid set has been created in conjunction with CENMAC and Widgit software, in support of the 'Hello' National Year of Communication, and is designed to encourage children to talk about things they might see in a street environment.

In the activity, children are encouraged to make observations and record a response. Each page displays a range of words with picture support. These represent objects which might be seen in a street environment. Children look at the pictures and talk about things that they can see.

The set uses Widgit Symbol resources and is based on a Symwriter environment, by Widgit Software. Widgit Symbols, for use with Clicker 5, are available to purchase from Crick Software.

The 'Hello' campaign is being run by the Communication Trust, and aims to increase understanding of how important it is for children and young people to develop good communication skills. Details can be found at www.hello.org.uk.

CENMAC is a London based support service offering assessments, reviews and equipment loan to help pupils with a disability access the curriculum using assistive technology.

Widgit is the creator of Widgit Symbols, which follow a schematic structure to help people exchange information and ideas.

Screenshot from the Clicker learning activity 'I Spy - In the Street'
Age:For ages 5 to 7
Author:CENMAC and Widgit Software
Date:September 22, 2011

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