Guess Who

With this Clicker Communicator set, pupils can join in a guess who game to determine the identity of a mystery person. The set enables them to ask closed questions appropriate to the style of game.

To play the game, choose a group of children to come to the front of class – use a mixture of boys and girls. Nominate one child as the mystery person. The remaining children ask closed questions about gender and appearance to determine his/her identity. The Communicator set enables its user to join in and ask appropriate questions. The set also contains a “Guess” grid to which a teacher can add names to enable the child to make a guess.

For other resources which focus on character descriptions, see the Clicker sets “Wanted Posted” or “Character Words” which enable pupils to write about real or fictional characters using a range of adjectives. Find these sets and more on LearningGrids.

Screenshot from Communicator (Widgit) resource Guess Who
Age:For all ages
Author:Crick Software
Date:April 14, 2016

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