Getting Dressed for Snow - Listen and Find

In this Matching Set, children listen to sentences about a boy getting dressed to play in the snow and then choose the pictures described. The sentences are based on the Clicker Book “Getting Dressed for Snow – Read a Book”.

On the start page, look at the pictures of the boy and click on each one to hear the sentences. On each activity page, listen and then choose the matching picture. The activity is designed so that children can only make the correct match.

For an alternative activity, where children can choose any picture to match the target and so demonstrate their learning, see the Custom Set "Getting Dressed for Snow – Find the Pictures Two". For related reading, writing and speaking resources search for snow on LearningGrids.

Screenshot from Matching Sets resource Getting Dressed for Snow - Listen and Find
Age:For ages 4 to 5
Author:Crick Software
Date:December 22, 2016

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