Changing Pitch of Sound - Read a Book

In this Clicker Book, pupils read about the relationship between the pitch of a sound and features of the object that made it.

They find out how (and why) the pitch of a sound can be changed by altering elements in simple instruments. These include varying the amount of air in which sound waves can vibrate, the length of a string across which sound waves can travel, and the tension of a drum skin.

Children can talk and write about how and why the pitch changes in the examples featured in this book, using the sets "Changing Pitch of Sound – Make a Book", and "Changing Pitch of Sound – Set One/Two/Three". For other Clicker resources on the topic, search for sound on LearningGrids.

Screenshot from Clicker Books resource Changing Pitch of Sound - Read a Book
Age:For ages 7 to 9
Author:Crick Software
Date:February 23, 2017

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