Ancient Greeks Book Two

This is a fully functioning extract from the Clicker Powered title “Find Out and Write About – Ancient Greeks”. Use the extract straight away to read and write about working life in ancient Greece, to discover the potential of this award-winning approach to reading and writing.

The “Find Out and Write About” series offers differentiated reading content with appropriately levelled writing support. This extract is taken from “Find Out and Write About – Ancient Greeks Book Two”. Use the Book One and Book Three extracts, also available on LearningGrids, to meet the needs of children across a range of abilities.

Each extract is provided free on LearningGrids, so that you can try the resources in your classroom. The full CD covers a number of topics about life in ancient Greece, each presented at all three levels. It is available to purchase from our website.

Screenshot from Clicker 7 resource Ancient Greeks Book Two
Age:For ages 6 to 9
Author:Crick Software
Date:January 13, 2017

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